New Year Resolutions For Your Pup


Happy New Year! If you’ve already decided on your personal new year resolutions, why not take a moment and pick a few for that furry friend of yours? Below are a few ideas that you can adopt as new year resolutions for your pet:

  • Develop a daily exercise routine: Exercise is a critical factor in your pet’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Develop a resolution to take your pet on a daily walk, hike, jog, or play date so that they get the exercise they need. A tired pup is a happy pup!


  • Train your pet: A well-behaved and trained pet is obedient, happy, relaxed, and easier to manage. When you have a trained pet then you can be confident that your pup will be responsive to you even in new circumstances. 


  • Take a road trip with your pup: Traveling with your dog can be a very exciting and fulfilling adventure! When you take a road trip, be sure to look for a pet-friendly hotel or Airbnb accommodations, as well as packing the necessary things on the trip (such as your dog’s food, water, treats, toys, bed, leash, medical records, etc.).


  • Get your pet a professional groom once a month: Not only will your dog be clean and fresh, but regular grooms also allow for any unusual health problems to be detected ahead of time. Professional grooms include services such as baths, nail trips, ear cleans, brush-outs, and more. 


  • Add fresh organic food to your pet’s diet: Add nutritious fruits and vegetables to your pet’s diet can help your pet live longer and improve their health. Add fruits like apples, bananas, and blueberries and vegetables such as brussels sprouts, carrots, and celery. Avoid onions and garlic at all costs. If you are unsure, you can do an online search for safe fruits and vegetables to give your dog or consult with your vet. 

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