Avoid These Holiday Hazards to Keep Your Dog Safe

The holiday season is a joyous time for the entire family. Many pet owners get too caught up with the holiday festivities that they forget it may be confusing for their animal companions. In this article, you’ll learn about the holiday hazards you need to avoid to keep your dog safe. 


Dangerous Decorations

It's easy to get carried away when decorating your home for the holidays. Still, you shouldn't neglect your dog's safety while doing so. For your dog, these new decorations placed around the house are brand-new items to explore. If they get too curious, they could end up in serious trouble.

Typical holiday decor like tinsel and Christmas ornaments as prime examples of choking hazards for dogs. Their curiosity may entice them to eat these objects, which will promptly plug up their airways. Furthermore, holiday plants like mistletoe can cause severe reactions if ingested, so make sure to keep these things out of their reach.

Lights and Fires

During the holiday season, it's common practice for homes to have lights hung up to set the holiday mood. However, you must be mindful of where you are setting these things up. If your dog gets to them and chews on the wires or pees on them, it can cause a deadly electric shock.

Aside from holiday lights, lit candles and fireplaces are also quite common during the holidays. You probably don't need an explanation for how these things can be dangerous for your dog. Ensure any lit fires are away from their reach and placed in a safe and secure environment.


Hazardous Food

Holiday feasts are filled with tons of great food, but that doesn't mean the food is great for your dog. Many holiday food staples can cause serious harm for your dog when ingested. Turkey, for example, has many brittle bones when cooked that can choke or internally wound your dog. Ensure your precious pooch sticks to its regular diet during the holidays, and avoid giving them any table scraps.



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