5 Ways to Deal With Feline Aggression

Aggressive pets can be a severe problem not only for the owners but also for everyone around them. Every responsible cat owner should know how to handle feline aggression and make their cat more docile and friendly. Even if you don't own a cat, it helps to understand how to calm them down in case of a rough encounter with a grumpy one. Cats are some of the most excellent hunters ever recorded, but they are also cuddly creatures if you know how to manage them!


  1. Keep Calm

Animals are great at sensing the emotions of others around them. It's a defense mechanism from their days as wild animals that helps keep them safe. With that being said, they can also sense when you're scared or angry at their aggressive behavior. When dealing with feline aggression, you want to remain as calm as possible and speak to the cat in a calm and peaceful voice. Let them know they're ok and that you will not harm them. If you yell at the aggressive cat, it will send it into defense mode and further increase its misbehavior!


  1. Make the Cat Feel Safe

Feline aggression may be caused by many things. It can commonly be caused by the cat feeling too stressed or scared, resulting in it acting out angrily. You need to make your cat feel safe and remove any stressors from the area. These are intelligent creatures, and once they see that you want to help them, they will begin to calm down!


  1. Keep Children Away

High energy or unruly children would just make the situation even worse. They also are less accustomed to handling their emotions. An aggressive cat may scare the children, which would, in turn, affect the feline perpetrator. It's generally best to keep them away from the scene.


  1. Don’t Allow Aggressive Behavior

If your cat has a bad history of aggressive behavior, you need to have them unlearn these bad habits. Generally, you shouldn't allow your cat to be hostile towards humans or other animals if you want it to remain docile. Don't tolerate any aggression, and remember to raise it properly!


  1. Ask for Help From Professionals

If all else fails, you can always ask for help from trained cat experts. These professionals are more than capable of handling an aggressive feline. They can help you subdue the feisty cat, capture it, or even train it to refrain from that behavior again!

Raise Your Cat at Stone Oak Veterinary Clinic

Raising a cat can be a challenging experience, especially if you have to deal with feline aggression along the way. At Stone Oak Veterinary Clinic, our facility and staff are experts in providing whatever your feline companion would need. We possess advanced skills and equipment to handle anything. Leave us a message and see how your cat can be assisted!


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