5 Alarming Behavior Changes to Never Ignore in Pets

All pet parents know our dogs can be bad communicators for their discomfort. As a responsible pet parent, be on top of your pet’s health by closely monitoring any changes in behavior. Below you will find 5 behaviors in pets that you should never ignore:



  • Heavy Panting: If your pet has been panting healthy, it could mean there is an underlying health issue. Heavy panting may be a sign of heart failure, heatstroke, reaction to poisonous substances, pneumonia, or other lung issues.
  • Drooling: Excessive drooling may be a sign your dog is suffering from heatstroke or dental issues such as periodontal disease. 
  • Excessive Water Consumption: When your dog keeps turning to the water bowl over and over, it could be a sign of diabetes, kidney failure, Cushing’s disease, or pyometra in unspayed female dogs. 
  • Change in Behavior: If your pet is no longer eating, playing, or choosing to isolate, it could be a sign something is deeply wrong. Pain is most often the cause for behavioral change. Common causes of pain-related behavioral changes include parasites, arthritis, cancer, thyroid dysfunction, allergies, heart conditions, or other injuries.
  • Change in Odor: Bad breath is commonly a sign of dental disease, diabetes, kidney failure, or oral melanoma. Stinky skin may be caused by allergies, seborrhea, or bacterial agents.


We Are Equipped to Perform Several Tests In-House

Here at Stone Oak Veterinary Clinic, we offer advanced equipment and skilled and compassionate staff. By taking your companion in, we will thoroughly conduct an examination to detect any signs of disease or the discomforts that could explain your pet’s change in behavior. To book your dog’s wellness care appointment, call or visit us today! 

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