3 Ways To Take Care of Your Older Pet


As much as we want our little furry friends to stay young forever, time is undefeated, and as our pets grow older, we may have to adjust the way we take care of our older pets. A senior pet needs careful attention and gentle care, just like senior people. 

Pets are generally considered seniors when they turn five to six years old. As your pet gets older, they may experience some of the following symptoms of older age such as hearing loss, vision loss, arthritis, and other issues. 


Taking Care of Your Older Pet

Below are a few things you can begin doing to take care of your older pet:



  • Plan Regular Veterinary Visits: If your dog is starting to experience less activity, low appetite levels, changes in bowel movement, frequent urination, or anything else unusual, it may be time to schedule a visit to your local veterinarian. Older dogs are more susceptible to injury and infection, so regular veterinary visits are important.  




  • Notice Any Early Signs of Arthritis: Keep an eye on your pet’s day-to-day movement and behavior. Some of the signs of arthritis are low activity levels, limited mobility, struggles with routine movement, and stiff joints.




  • Surround Your Pet in a Comfortable Environment: A comfortable and cozy environment will help keep your dog happy and safe as they enter older age. For example, keep food and water nearby, have warm blankets and jackets for your pet in the winter, and make sure your pet’s bed is fluffy and has a lot of cushions to soothe any aches your pet may have. 


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